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Welcome to my head. What I write here is a product of instances, consequences, coincidences, and heartache. Here before you is my soul- my inner trappings. Yours truly, Her.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Two Weeks Down

Two weeks since the first day.

I'm doing good.

So far.

I'm feeling that feeling when you're about to be gulped by a tidal wave. I can feel it. It's so close. Just about to crash. And i'm just here, waiting for it with goggles and an oxygen tank ready haha. Here it goes

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shirt Designs

comment! Tetel! Especially you haha

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Officially a College Student




where i am right now.

It's really so surreal! The pace is just too fast for me to even take a breath and admire how far i've gone! It was only 2 days ago that I was a fresh frosh in CSB. I terribly did not want to look like one. I swear, you could really tell.

- the look at their cellphones every minute
- they block the corridors in groups
- you see them pass the same hallway more than once...meaning they're probably lost.
- they look like children
- they have to swipe their id's three times or more just to enter campus :)) hahaha

*and yes, since i'm a frosh myself, i've done some but not all hahaha!

First day- hung out with Che, Sabel, and Loupo before our 7 am class XD
- had PE in a makeshift badminton court. And i mean REALLY makeshift. the cement floor had wooden planks to serve as the 'court.'
- got dismissed 15 minutes early and had 2 hours and a half of break. but wtf do you do during break?? Once the class was over, my block dispersed and i was left by myself haha. So, i just walked to my oh-so-beautiful building and chilled at the lobby. I swear! that place is a scene right out highschool musical! especially the caf!
- saw rav and jaime in the lobby
- went to the caf once i found fellow blockmates. [i made a friend! her name's erin haha]
- went to BIBLE STUDY CLASS and cut General Psychology coz the prof didn't come after 20 minutes. whoo! early dismissal!
- I COMMUTED TO MAKATI. I had two of my blockmates with me coz they we're going the same way. wow. i can't believe it. me. commuting. all the way to makati. WOW. shit, i'm so old na puta. :))

Second Day- didn't have to wake up so early like the day before. my first class was still at 9:40
- met up with erin in mini stop
- went up to the caf again and saw the guys in our block chilling there
- had POLIGOV and eyed the teacher badly coz i felt like he was judging me coz i came from assumption. :T
- had another long ass break. ate in the caf with my girl blockmates and hung out with rav after.
- soon, i had to drop off rav at her classroom. by then my fellow female blockmates went off somewhere so i hung out with the guys. they're very fun :)

ho-god. i'm tired. seriously. i just got home from school and i'm dead tired. i'll continue tomorrow morning maybe hahahaha

yours truly,

ikat the college student


ok, as promised, my continuation. haha

- Right i was having lunch with the guys. And suddenly, our attention was caught by these upperclassmen who were fooling around. They were laughing and laughing at this girl [a frosh] who was approached by one of their friends. [i guessed they were playing some dare] We felt so bad coz it was so bastos. One by one they went to her and asked her something. She looked like she was abou to cry. So Kevin, my blockmate, told me to 'save' her. hahaha. I was but i did anyway. I wouldn't want to go through what she's going through anyway.

"Hi, are you ok?"
"Uhm, yeah."
"Are those guys bothering you?"
"Well, I think it's just some dare."
"Yeah, i know. But um, you know, you can always tell them to go away."
"Yeah, I can handle it."


HAHAHAHA, funny shit right there. XD

- missed history coz there was no teacher...again. whoo!
- had filipino. i did not understand ANYTHING. Our prof's name is Ms. KATAKUTAN. HAHA
-commuted back home with my yaya [coz daddy said so O_O] rarr

Third Day- did my bibstud homework in the morning since i had class in the afternoon lang [whoo!]
- pop brought me to school
- walked to Kitaro to meet with Sabel, Loupo, and Arie.
- walked back to SDA with Arie and Sabel to tour them in the awesome caf haha [sabel was such a tourist. ''omg! let's have a picture!'']
- saw paula :D
- had Bibstud again
- had Genpsych finally with Ms. Fern. The guys went gaga. ahahaha
- got picked up by fajah.

and there you go! My first week as a college frosh. Time has got to slow down dammit haha. Before i know it, I'm taking my midterms! O_O

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ryan Cabrera is NOT Ryan Cayabyab


It's ''Heartbroken'' not 'Sweetheart' by Mariah Carey

Ruthless does not mean 'walang ruth'

Never say:

''No, it's a toothbrush, you idiot. You tooth your brush with it.''

''Deep breathe-ly''


I wonder if i'll humiliate myself in college like this. hahaha.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Signs that college is coming up

you shop for your college wardrobe
* thanks to analog and SM for my college clothes ahahaha

you commute
* i commuted to mart's house and back home from rockwell. [clap clap]

you trouble about everybody's schedules including yours

you compare schedules

people start greeting each other ''see you in [insert name of college]!"

you have a countdown to your first day of school as your status in ym

you worry about what to exactly bring to school on the first day

you wonder what to do during your breaks when everyone else has class

you daydream about walking on the streets of taft or katipunan

you stock up on flats, sneakers, and jackets so people don't realize you wear the same oufit on certain days :))

you wish that you were back in highschool [this the winner right here. haha]

college in 2 days mother fricks XD

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Fisherman and The Fish

ikat gallardo: look at it this way
ikat gallardo: he was a fisherman
ikat gallardo: i was the fish
ikat gallardo: he caught me, dragged me in
ikat gallardo: and just when he was about to pull me out of the water
ikat gallardo: he lets me go.
ikat gallardo: and i swam away
carlo bauza: well
carlo bauza: i see it this way
carlo bauza: when he was about to pull you out of the water
carlo bauza: you struggled to get away
carlo bauza: then he got tired of trying to get you to stop struggling
carlo bauza: so he let you go

Relapse 2

omg omg omg omg omg. your online. shit. shit. puta.

and your stat is killing me. my gooooddddd

damn, i'm going crazy. i don't think you'll ever get a different reaction from me soon. XD ahahaha

edit: 9:40 went offline. damn it. i had an im window open the whole time and not once could i type anything. darn it!

go online agaaaain :))

edit2: 9:53 TANGINA. GOD MUST LOVE ME. you're online again!! :D

edit3: 10: 10 we're talking right now :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Love Friends In Red Uniform

Okay, Tetel, I still love you after posting those hilarious but embarrassing photobooth pictures of the Skittles + Abe. XD I swear, I couldn't stop laughing! [And it was sort of awkward coz I was like laughing by myself in my room.] :|

Remember how the group of us laughed like there was no tomorrow?:) Our silent laughs that lasted for minutes, our never ending slaps on our desks, cheska ''melting'' on the wall, sabel's sniffing, tetel's hard ass smacks on the wall, nica's pointing, and my chicken laugh? hahahaha!! those were REALLY good times.:)

you guys, i miss laughing with you!:(

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm looking forward to wearing our red uniform on Old Girls' Day XD [We're the youngest old girls around ahaha] I miss sitting on the floor, being dragged on the floor, lying on the floor, sleeping on the floor- dammit, our skirts have been there to protect us from germs! ahahaha! *sigh*

highschool never ends

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bands That I Adore

Lately, I've been into bands. I don't know why. Here's a random list:

1. Mae
2. Dashboard Confessional
3. Augustana
4. Secondhand Serenade
5. The Click Five [I want to watch them!! XD]
6. The Kooks
7. Mayday Parade
8. The Rocketsummer
9. HelloGoodbye
10. Vertical Horizon [so old school :))]
11. Jack's Mannequin
12. Coldplay
13. Snow Patrol
14. The Fray
15. Plain White T's
16. Monsters Are Waiting

So a number of the songs that they play have the overall sound of summer. For me, anyway. You can find them in my Roadtrip/Summer playlist. :) I'm going to listen to opm bands soon. MTV's been showing some good ones.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


At exactly 10:00pm. I've had a relapse. You've ignited what you left in ashes a year ago. You probably won't see this coz you don't know i have a blog. But yeah, it was around this month too. you're my biggest regret yet.

hahaha, look at what we've done to each other. XD

edit: oh god, i thought i had a commitment to be happy. :| being happy is so not easy =))


Wow. I haven't updated in a while. I've been out. :) I read Auti's blog a few minutes ago and I have to say the i got inspired by her first entry. It's so admiring to feel another person's determination and dreams. It really affects me to the point that i start rethinking about my life and where i want to go. It's very refreshing i have to say. :) And it's so timely how just when my ears pick up some lines in the current song my itunes was playing, it summed up how i felt about it.

Sweet Avenue

Tasting you and rain I walked down to the train
Trying not to look down
This day could someday be an anniversary
Everything is light and sound

Facing forwards going slowly Wait for you to show me Where this train wants to go Living by the hour I stop for every flower
Everything is soft and slow

Now all these tastes improve
Through the view that comes with you
Like they handed me my life
For the first time it felt right

Thank you for making me see there's a life in me It was dying to get out
Holding you we make two spoons
Beneath an april moon
Everything is soft and sweet

This cigarette it could seduce
A nation with its smoke
Crawling down my tired throat
Scratches a part of me that's purring, softly stirring

I'm a captain of industry
Smoking famously
Feet up on the window sill
Looking at all these trees I feel affinity with
Everything's all soft and still

Budding at my fingertips Touching you I start to bloom
Alive with trains and passing ships soft and sweet along your lips now I go AWOL

Thank you for taking me from my monastery I was dying to get out
With tears of gratitude
I light my latitude
Cross town train to you

Now all these tastes improve with the view that comes with you
Like they handed me my life for the first time like it was worth it
Like I deserved it

So yes, I'll try to be a happier person. My friend once told me that my blog was so emo. XD haha. I didn't realize it. So yeah, join the bandwagon.:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am bored. Right now. Right at this moment.

I'm tired. Been tired for the past months. I've had it right at this moment.

I agree with you. Not that far. Not even close.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Day I Didn't Want To End

HAHA! It's true that i didn't want this day to end coz it was so...carefree and easy. Not at the start of the day though :|

This morning, i woke up at like 9 coz the phone started ringing CONTINUOUSLY. I'm not joking. I waited for my maid to get it but it.just.kept.on.damn.RINGING! Finally, it stopped. I thanked the lord and began to fall asleep again until-


So i trudged out of my bedroom and recieved the phone from her. Apparently, CSB didn't give us the complete papers to give to my plan holders so that they can process my payment for my tuition. And so to cut the long story short, i had to go to my mom's office to get my papers for enrollment, go to CSB, ask the lady for a xerox copy of my sched, fight with her, get the xerox copy from another lady who was so much kinder than the last lady, went back to my mom's office, returned my papers to her, and then HOME.

And so, i finally know my schedule and it is my utmost pleasure to present to you my awesome schedule for my first term in CSB *curtains open with a flash of instrumental music in the background*

i love my FRIDAYS. :)
And i love the fact that my classes end at 4:40 coz i's not too late and i have long ass breaks in between most of my classes. FRIENDS. Are you on break when I am?

So anyway, when i got home, i made that schedule coz i was too excited haha. And then i had to ride with my sister at 3 to go to greenbelt to meet up with mart and alex. I was already late for the SUPPOSED SPEED RACER MOVIE but when i got there, Nelli, Mig, Mart, and Alex were watching "What Happens in Vegas.":|

hoe-well. I enjoyed it anyway haha! ASHTON KUTCHER IS HOTT. 'kay, anyways haha. We hung out in Seattle's for awhile until Pat came. Welcome back, Pat! He was so sabaw. XD Each of us shared our handwritings and signatures and i tried to give nelli a decent signature for himself. haha! after, we left to "attempt" to shop for a green shirt for Patrick for his orientation in la salle. Mart, Alex, and I ended up admiring SHOES instead :P

After some time, the boys had to go so we girls roamed around greenbelt 5. We dreamed, wished, cried, and felt bad in Adora, browsed Powerbooks, bumped into Bel-air peeps, and decided to walk to Mart's house to watch DVD's and order Mcdo [Jumper! Hayden is cuuuute :))]

In the end, we were all insanely full from the 'healthy' dinner and planned our next outfit the next time we go out because we got inspired by Hayden and his cute long-sleeved-shirt-over-a-hoodie style. In the end, alex and i got to compare schedules and plan out breaktime hangouts. In the end, we enjoyed and i wished that today won't end. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Perks of Photoshoots

[] you get awesome facebook pictures XD
[] you learn how to use a professional camera
[] you look pretty because of the awesome make-up artist
[] you get to be the reflector girl which makes you feel like you're part of the 'crew' XD
[] the gc's :)
[] you get to hear other people's life stories [like how they got really drunk in bora and made out with this stranger]
[] you get to enjoy seeing the cute little kids in their oversized soccer shirts and shorts playing with a teensy soccer ball while their soccer moms and yayas watch from the sidelines
[] kira the cute-not-smiling kid:D
[] the numerous trips to the bathroom
[] spending the whole day with BB and paulina!

thanks mart!
i had fun! well...i'm just worried about some of the pictures...WHERE I'M BESIDE YOU AND PAULINA [thin people] hahahaha!

Monday, May 5, 2008

You only realize what you're missing when you're listening

Music: Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson

Well, enrollment is tomorrow. Can't wait. :) I'll sort of be meeting some people who will be at the same building as I will be in a year. I wonder if I'll be okay all alone. I mean, classes start on the 21st and I'll be the first in the family to go to school- commuting and all. My sister and my brother are going to Taft on a later day. School starts later for them. My older brother...well...I don't know his schedule haha. But man, me? alone? commuting? I can do it. I know i can. I've done it before. [late at night in fact] but I'm still worried.

What if i get off at the wrong stop?
What if i get lost in school?
What if i fall asleep on the LRT and end up...egad, i don't even want to think about it

* Nica, remember Guadalupe? XD

I can't believe I'm in COLLEGE.

Yours Truly,

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I got Tagged by Ju

[x] People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse.(watch them)
[x] These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you.

1. If your lover played a prank on you and you found out, what will you do?
I'd laugh but I'd get back at him bad haha

2. What do you think of bulimia?
This was part of my research paper. I can give you a copy XD but yeah, it's a serious eating disorder that shouldn't be taken lightly.

3. One random thing about you?
I suck at video games

4. Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?

5. The one positive thing that happened to you today?
I had a delicious lunch XD

6. Truth or dare?

7. How many people know your deepest darkest secret?

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
wishful bitter...then move on haha

9. What's the stupidest thing that you've done recently?
doing the opposite haha

10. What do you want to achieve when you grow up?
happiness and sucess

11. Is being tagged fun?
not really.

12. What/Who do you need right now?
nica haha

13. When was the last time you had a good cry?
last last last month hahaha...or iono. i forget

14. What do you think about the guy who started this whole tagging thing?
must be really bored

15.Are you good at slapjack?
yes :) hahaha

16. Are you good at poker?
when luck is on my side haha

17. Would you give your all in a relationship?
never been in one haha how would i know? but maybe

18. Who are you chatting with at the moment or last send an im to?
paula :)

19. What type of friends do you like?
fun, optimistic, cheerful, spontaneous, genuine

20. Last words?
you suck XD

I tag Nica, Karla, Mart, Tetel, Beo, Abe, Alex, and Paula!

I Went Out

It's a monumental thing. It's also a monumental thing that I happen to be feeling sleepy at 12:00 am. Usually, it doesn't happen until a couple of hours later. Maybe it's coz ..I WENT OUT. woot!

Haha, i went out. wheee. it's so refreshing to be out of the house. i just hope it's all the time. haha

Had fun in Pasinaya! Thanks to Paula for bringing me home and...'talking' to me. :P I'm glad that i got to catch up with my barkada. I haven't seen them for like weeks! Some for even months! And it's always nice to see some of the 21. :)

Mart, i admire your will power and your courage. I wish i'd be like you but after talking to Paula, i think i have a different case. I don't know anymore. I'm very confused. This is why i need to go out! So i can talk to you guys :))

Yours Truly,

[wow, haven't done that in a while haha]

Thursday, May 1, 2008

let me rest in pieces

an appropriate song. just a little bit of rest and i'll be fine.


too emo for my life haha.

Yours Truly

Yours Truly