Dear You

Welcome to my head. What I write here is a product of instances, consequences, coincidences, and heartache. Here before you is my soul- my inner trappings. Yours truly, Her.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Strange how hormones can influence the beat of the heart. One moment I'm still clinging on to every fiber of Joe, the next, to him.

OF ALL PEOPLE WHY HIM. The past 3 days was all HIM. Today, is now Joe. Or maybe I'm forcing myself that's it's Joe.

I see him as a friend. Not anything more. I have my period today. It's all hormones. This happens frequently. It's a hormonal imbalance. What I feel for him is just pure deficiency in my hormonal distribution. HORMONES HORMONES HORMONES. Snap out of it, Ikat.

I need a new guy :(

NO. I Don't need a new guy. I am a independent woman.

A psycho independent woman who can't seem to keep her brain cells in order. O_O

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brief and Concise

Been training everyday lately for performance requests. Particularly the one for Unilever on Monday. 

We're starting to get ready for our dance concert, Danz Dish IV, on Jan. 23. Looking for sponsors. Trying to persuade them. 

So many projects due. Damn that kuta software. Insocio magazine. I got a 4.0 in my comski lab grade. Very surprising and I thank God. Salamat, Lord. 

I haven't been feeling christmas. :( But as of today, our christmas lights are up and the tree is completely decorated,

Several of my fellow newbies in street got a unit in taft already. We had a housewarming last night. Super fun. I sleptover. Lucky for me, they're up for me sleeping there whenever I need to. Like when I have an early class the next day after training ends at 9pm. Lucky Lucky. :)

There's also this guy. HAHA. Why him? Why HIM. He's not Joe. Then again, Joe's like...practically gone. Whenever I think of him, this other guy totally overshadows him. Like for a moment I actually FORGET Joe's face. :T freaky crap right there. I mean, the other guy is like...not, well, I don't know. He's just not Joe. Then again, I probably should quit pursuing something I can't possibly have XD Ayaw ni God muna. 

Nica, I want to hear your voice. CHAT BUKAS. 12 NOON. GO ONLINE. 

Yours Truly

Yours Truly